Interactive Workshops
We offer a range of customised workshops that will get the best out of your people and business. These include the following;


Creating Your Personal Brand


This workshop will enable you differentiate yourself from the competition, understand yourself more deeply and ensure you have a greater impact that will lead to the achievement of your professional and personal goals. It will enhance your career opportunities be it at your existing company or when exploring new job opportunities.

Content includes;

  • Identifying your strengths and amplifying them

  • Limiting your limitations

  • Exploring and defining your core values

  • Finding out what you're really passionate about

  • Defining your purpose - your ‘Why’

  • Creating a personal brand statement

  • Putting in place a personal brand action plan

  • Translating the above into social media, networking and other personal interactions



Dynamic Business Strategy



This workshop will help business leaders and senior management teams understand the importance of a clearly defined strategy and provide tools,


models and techniques to answer the following three questions -Where is your business today? What do you want it to look like in the future? How will


you get there?


Content includes;

  • SWOT analysis                 

  • Mission and vision statements        

  • Company Values      

  • Defining and delivering your strategy        



High Performing Teams

This workshop will identify and embed the key building blocks to generate exceptional performance from your employees..


Content includes;

  • Characteristics of high performing teams

  • Stages of team development                                                                                   

  • Team assessment                                                                                          

  • Employee engagement                                                                     

  • Delegation and feedback

  • Coaching       



Inspiring Leaders


This workshop will equip participants with the skills, behaviours, awareness, tools and models that can transform their leadership role.


Content includes;

  • Leadership and management - the differences       

  • Exceptional leaders – what do they have in common?     

  • Why leaders succeed and fail

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Leadership transitions         

  • Situational Leadership

  • Leadership legacy    

To find out more about how you and your company can benefit from our masterclasses contact us for an initial conversation or to arrange an exploratory meeting.