Creating Your Personal Brand - Your Journey To Success
We’re all familiar with global company brands. For example, BMW promises ‘The Ultimate Driving Experience’, Disney stands for family entertainment and McDonalds is at the forefront of fast food. However, branding isn’t just for giant companies. Tech City in Shoreditch is at the cutting edge of technology, Beyoncé is an entertainment icon in her own right and Richard Branson is seen as an innovative entrepreneur.

Personal Branding is a way of highlighting and communicating what it is that makes you different. It encourages you to pay attention to your personal characteristics such as strengths, values and passions and to identify your real purpose – your ‘Why’.

The saying goes – “people buy people before they buy a service or product”. Whenever people meet for the first time they quickly develop an impression of each other and frequently, that impression remains long after that initial meeting. In a situation where you have one chance to impress, such as a meeting, interview, presentation or networking event, it’s important to create the best first impression possible.

Personal branding is a powerful and enlightening process that will enable you to understand who you really are and implement the changes that will improve the impression you make when meeting others for the first time. It will create a clear focus, help you achieve your goals and increase your confidence.

Having a defined personal brand will build trust and enable you to stand out and present yourself in a way that prospective employers, peers, mentors and your network can grow to recognize in a positive way.

One of the greatest advantages of a personal brand, once built, is its longevity. It will accompany you throughout your life and represent the real you.


Whether you’re a student, have just graduated and are looking for your first job, and whatever your position within your company, Creating Your Personal Brand will lead to your academic, professional and personal success.

Participants in the programme will;

  • Identify their strengths and understand how to amplify them

  • Recognise their limitations and learn how to limit them

  • Identify and define their core values

  • Uncover what they’re really passionate about

  • Define their purpose - their ‘Why’

  • Create their personal brand statement

  • Put in place their personal brand action plan

  • Assess if their personal brand is working

  • Translate the above into their in-person, online and on paper interactions


Each stage will challenge participants to dig deep to answer the questions in the programme and complete the exercises that will lead to their professional and personal success.

"I found the ‘Creating your Personal Brand’ programme very focused and invigorating. It’s clear to me that a personal brand is essential to get alignment between your personal career aspirations and the message you send to potential employers and colleagues through social media and other forms of communication. The programme enabled me to get clarity on what’s important and what I want to get from my career. Seeing as we spend so much of our lives at work understanding this is key to happiness and contentment. I would recommend this programme.". 
Greg Mason, Technology Transformation Director

"Thank you for the authentic way in which you took me on a journey discovering my drive and passion both on a personal and professional level. Your consultative approach in allowing me to find the right answers for my situation was impressive and spot on. As a result I have made huge progress in my career and received a promotion during our coaching journey.  I also developed and embraced my personal brand which is contributing strongly to my self-confidence and  purpose in life.  I can highly recommend your coaching to anyone".

Nicky Zaayman, Director, Solutions Marketing - EMEA, Level 3 Communications

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