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Green Sea is an international coaching and leadership development company, founded by Bradley Rood in 2005.
Bradley is passionate about helping people realize their potential and exceed their expectations.  He helps his clients create new perspectives and think strategically and innovatively.



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We work with senior executives, directors, partners, managers and future leaders to improve their effectiveness and performance and propel their careers to the next level. Find out more here.



We work with companies that want to develop a true leadership culture, identify and develop their emerging talent and build high performing teams. We help leaders to lead and empower their teams and deliver exceptional results. Find out more here.

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Personal Branding is a way of highlighting and communicating what it is that makes you different. It encourages you to pay attention to your personal characteristics such as strengths, values and passions and to identify your real purpose – your ‘Why’. Purchase your Executive Programme Digital Workbook here.

To make important decisions relating to your career or business challenges

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Our 3D Business Strategy Programme is based on our Discover-Define-Deliver Model and is suitable for start-up and established businesses. You'll discover where your business is today, where you want to take it and how to get there. This customised programme will set you on the path to success by focusing on your business AND your people.

Find out more about 3D Business Strategy Here

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"Thank you for the authentic way in which you took me on a journey discovering my drive and passion both on a personal and professional level. Your consultative approach in allowing me to find the right answers for my situation was impressive and spot on. As a result I have made huge progress in my career and received a promotion during our coaching journey.  I also developed and embraced my personal brand which is contributing strongly to my self-confidence and purpose in life.  I can highly recommend your coaching to anyone".

NZ, Director Solutions Marketing - EMEA, Level 3 Communications

"I found the ‘Creating your Personal Brand’ programme very focused and invigorating. It’s clear to me that a personal brand is essential to get alignment between your personal career aspirations and the message you send to potential employers and colleagues through social media and other forms of communication. The programme enabled me to get clarity on what’s important and what I want to get from my career. Seeing as we spend so much of our lives at work understanding this is key to happiness and contentment. I would recommend this programme".

GM, Innovation & Transformation Technology Director

"I first met Bradley during a significant period of change within our business leadership team. Bradley was able to quickly understand our business needs and culture, getting to the point quickly through excellent questioning and diagnosis. Often I found myself finding the answers, through Bradley's excellent coaching together with the introduction of simple and effective tools that I could employ with my team to improve outcomes. I would certainly recommend Bradley with his great personal energy and enthusiasm to work with finding the better you for future personal and team success".

CS, Advice Group Director, Engineering Consultancy

195-197 Wood Street, London E17 3NU

020 3026 5315

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